Wednesday, January 26, 2011

post city of craft haul

thanks, magic (post city of craft haul)
In all the craziness of packing up and clearing out of City of Craft back in December, I didn't get a chance to pick up a few things from Deadweight as I had planned. So, Sandi and I got together recently to do a post City of Craft exchange. Fun times ensued. I was talking too fast and eating too slow so I completely forgot to take photos to commemorate our candle lit dinner at Le Petit Dejeuner. And the goods that were exchanged. Photo above was taken a few days later when I got unlazy and went outside when there was light. We all need some magic in our lives.


  1. Long, cozy dinners are THE GREATEST.

  2. Yes! More long, cozy dinners in the future, please.

  3. hi m!
    i got my super cute mail! love the sparkle writing! can't wait for the next letter night!

  4. rhya: I'm glad you like it! Not as good as your stationery though. Can't bring myself to use it!