Saturday, January 1, 2011

buying handmade in 2010

I am a billion years late in updating, but here are the awesome things I bought (or traded for) at A Handmade Holiday and City of Craft in December!

From A Handmade Holiday:

a handmade holiday 2010 (what i spent my money on)
Orphan doll from ATAW illustration and design, screen print from Alex Westgate Design & Illustration and rolled up poster (it was a gift so I didn't take a photo, but it's a Stars poster) from Doublenaut

From City of Craft:

from city of craft 2010
Trip Print Press; Doublenaut

from city of craft 2010
Denture Thief (did I ever mention how much I love skulls?); Julie Moon (and hearts?); petit flaneur (and food?)

from city of craft 2010
Needle Book (and robots?)

from city of craft 2010
bespoke uprising (Super cute tea towels! Hm. I don't want to give them away anymore.) ; Trip Print Press

from city of craft 2010
Old Weston (Who doesn't want to craft their day job?)

I also made money (with Miriam Grenville)!

from city of craft 2010: i made money!
This 2 dollar bill is pretty amazing. I still have to finish it with some sewing though.

And, while I was cleaning up the debris from the two shows, I came across this:

a handmade holiday 2010
An original collaboration between my wonderful tablemates at A Handmade Holiday: Deadweight and ATAW illustration and design. Hahahaha. Product of our waiting between customers. My contribution is the paper, pen and a few random scribbles. I will frame this. Heh.

Happy 2011 everyone!


  1. Hi Melodie,

    Is there anyway to contact you outside the blog? Thanks!

  2. Sandi: The haul is about to get even sweeter! THURSDAY!

    Hi Eva! I can be contacted through email: killsidekrafts(at)gmail(dot)com