Wednesday, July 14, 2010

nani iro fuccra

My favourite Nani Iro double gauze design yet! I wanted to make a dress from this, but I'm really impatient and wanted to wear it right away, so I made a top instead. It started out as just the top of dress A from Stylish Dress Book 1, but I added some sleeves, opened the back up a bit and finished the bottom with a wide tie. So... it's kind of not really like dress A at all. No matter, I love this colourway and the double gauze is so nice to wear. It's so comfortable!

Thank you to Karyn for helping me take these headless shots! (I'm never doing self-portraits. It's way too hard.)


(Also, just ignore the loose threads everywhere. I had just finished the bucket hat class at the workroom and I forget to clean those loose threads off. I always forget!)