Friday, February 12, 2010

post love & rummage trunk show 2

blackboard announcement
The show on Sunday was great fun! It was really nice meeting all the vendors while trying to peddle my wares.

OT came by and surprised me with some money jars by sweetie pie press! I thought there was only one (in a red pocket - great timing), but there were two! They're awesome. Then Rosalyn traded one of her fabulous wire crochet necklaces for a log and tag (hardly a fair exchange if you ask me, but she refused to accept my money... pfft.) Again, I only asked for one (a shiny copper one!) but found TWO. Love them. I've been wanting both these items since City of Craft in December. Success!

not one but two!
Thank you to City of Craft & the workroom for organising a great event.

(I had my camera with me the whole time but didn't manage to get any decent photos. Oops.)

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