Wednesday, September 9, 2009

random stuff

Went to the workroom last night to get a fat quarter (or 20) to finish the straps of a dress I made on Labour Day. Time well spent (on both counts). I don't have a bias tape maker at home, so it took a lot less time to make my straps at the workroom. I can't tell you how amazing it is to use one. Ah.

I love using this cute cup to hold my thread.

I also made a new camera strap cover a few weeks ago (while having a Doctor Who marathon - on in the background) when I got tired of my Joel Dewberry woodgrain one. It's also a better fit. My old one kept slipping.

Liberty of London looks so happy.

Unrelated, I got this pocket watch necklace in Kyoto. Apparently it was made by some local artists who work at the store. It reminds me of a Time Lord's watch. Well, the back does anyway. I would like to be a Time Lord.


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